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A Story 18 Years in The Making

Since 2005, Sissag and Serge have strived to make Optical Time more than just an eyewear store. They wanted to offer customers not just a diverse selection of high-quality glasses, but an unparalleled shopping experience as well.

At Optical Time, we believe in making every visit memorable. Serge's talent lies in his ability to make each customer feel like a lifelong friend. Whether adjusting frames to perfection, sharing a laugh, or offering expert advice on the best fit for your face and lifestyle, his approach is what keeps our customers coming back. It's not just about finding the right pair of glasses; it's about enjoying the journey there.

Over the past 18 years, we've grown into a community cornerstone, where a visit feels like stepping into a friendly gathering. We're proud to offer a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere, alongside a carefully curated collection of eyewear. Come in and experience the Optical Time difference – where you're not just choosing glasses, but joining a family that values every individual's story and style.

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